It’s field trip day and nothing to wear? How many times do we say that? I say it, my kids say it. Do you ever feel at a loss for what to wear? Have you forgotten how to put clothing items together after being a stay at home mom for a few years?
We’ve all been there and looked into our closets to only find stuff that’s stained, too small, too big, you get the picture. But, when it comes to field trips, we want to look nice. After all, we are representing homeschoolers, our homeschool group, and our own personal school. We should look nice and so should our children. Now I’m not talking about dressing to the nine’s for a field trip, just looking put-together. We also are teaching our children to respect the places that we are visiting by the way we choose to dress. After all, these vendors are allowing us in to their places of business, even if it’s just a pizza parlor or farm.
So, what to wear? For mom, how about a button style oxford shirt with a belt over it? Don’t have one? Grab one from hubby’s closet. As long as it’s not two sizes too big! A nice pair of jeans and flats. Don’t forget the jewelry. Search your closet and I bet you can find some pieces that can be mixed and matched. Maybe you just need to purchase a few items: a belt, a scarf, some new ballet flats in a neutral color, a long necklace. You can take one shirt and wear it many different ways, and it will look different each time. There’s no need to spend a ton of money. Old Navy or Cato’s has some of the best clearance items that I’ve seen! Check them out. I just bought 3 shirts on clearance at Cato’s and got all of them for under $20.
As for the our children, they are so precious and the vendor will want to see their smiling faces! Make sure that what they wear is clean with hair brushed. I’ve seen way too many children show up for a field trip that look like they just rolled out of bed. I know they can be hard to keep clean, especially boys! I have to keep a spare hairbrush in our van! It’s never too soon to teach children the art of making a first impression. Kids are so easy to dress, a nice t-shirt and a pair of clean jeans or shorts will do the trick.
Did you know that some homeschool groups may have guidelines for their group about dressing appropriate for field trips? Most are probably pretty simple and common sense. Not sure if your group has a policy? Check your groups handbook or with a group leader!