When a new cookbook comes into our house, something crazy happens!  My pickyest eater, my husband, takes it first.  He will taunt and tease me about it.  It’s really funny, then it’s my turn after he’s finished and then the kids will fuss over their turns.  It’s so funny!  Who would have thought that getting cookbooks would make us so crazy?

My husband found the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook that I’m going to use as the textbook to my cooking curriculum.  He brought it home where I was eagerly waiting, and wouldn’t let me have it.  Matter of fact, he hid it from me so I couldn’t take it to church with me to look over during supper.  Finally, when I got home,  it was waiting for me on the bed, all shiny and new.

It was exactly what I wanted in a cookbook.  Lots of pictures, wonderful, yummy recipes that most people will eat (not the outrageous stuff like some cookbooks).  I could go on and on.  Now my kids are pouring over and my oldest is dying for me to get the lesson plans written so we can get started.  I better get to work!