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A few years ago I made some printables for our homeschool association’s group leaders.  They help you keep up with attendance at field trips and park days and keep up with contact information for vendors.  Keeping attendance is a great way to know what events were well attended, or not; so that a few years from now, you’ll know which ones you’ll want to repeat.  Park Day attendance just lets you know which parks/months have the most attendance, great for future reference.  Why have keep track of vendors that offer you classes or field trips?  So, that when you need to confirm information, or plan that same trip again you have the information at your fingertips. Be sure to pass the information you’ve collected to the next group leader.  It’s vital for them to see what trips, parks and vendors had the best attendance.  Feel free to print out and enjoy!

Vendor Contact Sheet

Park Day Attendance

Field Trip Attendance