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After a very hot afternoon of watching the girls play softball, my hubby called and  kept asking, “How far away are you?”  Becca kept telling him that we were almost there.  He kept telling her to hurry up because he found a surprise for us in the garden.

Ok, so we are thinking snake since our garden is all full of thick grass, that he was mowing down.  The girls and I were a little apprehensive as we walked towards the garden.  Then we saw Spencer on the ground holding something in his hand.  My first thought was’ “Oh no!  He better not be holding a snake!”  But to our surprise, it was a tiny bunnyA sweet, precious baby bunny.

The first thing my hubby said was, “Don’t pick up the bunny.”  Too late!  By the time he got to the word pick, I already had the little baby cuddled and it had already fallen asleep in the hand.  They were small enough that the fit in the palm of your hand.   It was love at first sight!

Todd showed us the place in the garden where he found them.   They had nested in a hole in the middle of it.  He was scared he had gotten the momma because of all of the fur piled up in one place. We didn’t realize all the fur was covering up their nest.   We searced all of the garden for momma, but thankfully, we didn’t find her, so she wasn’t hurt by the mower.  Then Becca noticed the fur was moving up down very gently, like it was breathing.  So, I started moving the fur out of the way, (thank you Lord, it wasn’t the momma either) and I saw tiny feet.  I pulled out 3 more babies!  For a grand total of 5!  Then we noticed another baby that was far from the garden that ran into the brush.  All of the babies were fine and no harm from the lawn mower.  But still no momma in sight.

We toted those babies for over an hour trying to figure out what to do.  What did we do?  Take pictures of course!  Snuggle, cuddle and watch them fall asleep all snuggly and warm in our hands.  The funniest thing was when Emily got bit by one that she was trying to pick up.  It was hysterical.  The best line of the night was when Becca sent the pics to a friend a told her “Look! The Easter Bunny came a day late!”

So what did we do with the bunnies? Well, my bunny and I went into the house and surfed the internet.  We found out that we should put them back into the nest, cover them back up with the momma’s fur and the grass and check on them in 24 hours.  And that’s exactly what we did, a little reluctantly though.  It was so hard to put them down.  But, we found out that momma’s stay away during the day and come back during the night.  We’ll post updates on these little darlings, but for now enjoy the pictures!

All I can think of is the song about Little Bunny Foo Foo!


This one reminds me about a book I read to my kids when they were little, it was about a wild rabbit that falls in love with a tame lop-eared rabbit and they lived happily ever after in the meadow.


Not sure who’s cuter in this picture!  Look at my tough girl with the bunny!


Sunburned me with my new baby. It was sooo sweet!


This is Emily, she want’s to keep them forever and ever, even after it bit her.


It must be nap time.  Shhhh!


Now I have two sleepy bunnies.  They curled up this way, I promise!  Night, night.