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Upon finding out that youngest daughter is really getting into farming, (Even though we don’t live on a farm, which totally bums her out!) we’ve decided to pursue the FFA route.  This is now a class I wish I would’ve taken in high school!  She’s 13 years old and what really tickles me about all of this, is that she is not the one you would picture, taking these classes.  She loves volleyball, she’s into fashion like crazy and even though she has entered a redneck phase, or should we say, she’s getting in touch with her Southern roots, she does it with style.  This should make for a fun and interesting class and hopefully, I’ll learn a lot, too.

I will say, it’s really neat to see something that a lot of people probably looked down on in school becoming so popular again.  By looking down on, I don’t mean that it was less than by any means, but it just wasn’t something that a lot of us kids of the 80’s or 90’s were taught.  It was career and college prep courses that were pushed in my area, even though a ton of us came from farms.  Sure, several of my friends took the classes and were very involved, but it just wasn’t the “popular” thing to do.  If I would have known where I was going to be in my life in 20ish years, I would’ve signed up quick!  But, hindsight is 20/20!

I’m not so sure about my oldest two yet, they’re 18 and 16, but I plan for them to participate and maybe even take some of the classes/courses we come up with.  My oldest did say if we got chickens, she would help with them and they do help with the garden.   So, that’s a start!

So, keep posted here for what we’re going to be doing as we venture into horticulture, gardening and the wonderful world of agriculture, preppy-chic style!  I’ll post resources that I find, books we use and projects that we do, complete with lots of pics and how to’s so you can do your own class.  As my grandfather used to say, “You never will have a true home until it has a garden.”  Happy Farming!