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My son Spencer just had his 16th birthday party and it was the coolest party ever, for a boy anyway.  Total guys party, planned by him and his friends.  What could make for the coolest guys party for a bunch of teenage boys?  Airsoft and junk food, of course.

The planning couldn’t have been easier.  We just used the woods behind our house for the battle and the old shelter for the safe zone/weapons stash.  Before the party started, a couple of the guys came over early to scope out the woods behind our house and map it out. The woods behind our house were great for the great for the party! -All the guys!  Can you see the guys hiding around the playground?

The guys showed up in camo from head to toe toting tons of weaponry. Emily and I decided to sneak up on them and take some pics and we were spotted.  Yikes!  It looked like Red Dawn in our woods!

The food was amazing!  Total guy food, wings, nachos, parmesan tater tots, chips, cake and tons of soda.  The food was a hit!  I didn’t even get pics because they ate it so fast.

But funniest part of the party was when the guys let Emily, his youngest sister play.  They all decided since there were 8 of them to give him a 16 gun salute.  They all reloaded (they even loaded a gun for Emily) then snuck up on him and open fired!  I think it wound up being a little more than 16 shots, but it was fun.




Looks like he’s being held for ransom in this picture!  I think this was after his 16 gun salute.  The woods were gorgeous and the weather was perfect.  It was a total blast.  The best part was this was a birthday to remember, for him and for me.

But the party didn’t end here!  Oh, no!  They had so much fun here, they took the party to one of their homes where it was more airsoft.  Then they watched a deer being skinned!  Yuck for me, but great for them.  Luckily at that point I was at a volleyball banquet.  But it was a total guy day, junk food, airsoft and manly dear skinning.  Definitely a party for the record books.


After party update:  The party was such a hit that all of my children wanted air soft guns for Christmas!  They are now all armed!  I think I want one now!