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My youngest is a farmer in the making.  I can’t believe that my girly-girl loves the idea of having a farm.  I thought I would share what we’re doing in the classroom in case you have a future farmer.

Someone gave me this book several years ago.  It actually came from the high school I graduated from and possibly the same year.  How funny!  Who knew that when they gave it to me all of those years ago, I’d actually use it for school today?  God knew!  Just goes to show you that what doesn’t make sense one day, may make perfect sense years later.

This week’s lesson is on how plants grow.  So, she’ll be learning the parts of the plant and their functions, requirements for good plant growth, and growth stimulants.  Sounds complicated, but it’s not.  You could check out a good book from the library and read up on the same thing.

I did printout a worksheet from Superteacherworksheets.com.  It looks a little kiddish, but that’s ok; I just needed her to learn the main parts today. Actually her high school textbook is using the same name for the parts, so who cares if the picture is simple!

Tomorrow will be all about the leaf.  Parts of the leaf (inside and out), including the shapes of leaves and the cells.  I made a worksheet for labeling the parts of a leaf.  Feel free to download it here:  Leaf label worksheet and a review of photosynthesis.

Then it’s on to the stem, it’s purpose and function along with more labeling.  I’m going to have her do her own diagram and label it.

Roots will be next and we’ll be discussing what they do, their structure and types of roots.  I made a printout that shows different types of Types of Roots.

Then lastly we cover pollination, and the parts of a flower.  I found a Pollination Video at Discovery Channel called Plant Reproduction that’s about 2 minutes long.  It’s really cool and it’s super short!  Great for us Charlotte Mason types! Then we’ll be learning the parts of the flower and doing another labeling worksheet.  I couldn’t resist this worksheet, it was so cute and she can just color it.  I know that sounds really young, but even middle schoolers and high schoolers can get really artistic and it helps them to remember.

It’s alot this week and we may have to spread it out into next week.  Just remember that at this point, most of this is a review of what they already know.  Most kids know the parts of the plant, etc.  You are just adding to it.  Spend time on the new stuff and just review the other.  Get adventurous!  Take a slice of a leaf or root and put it under a microscope.  Hmmm!  I think we’ll do that too.  Enjoy!

For some great clipart and printout ideas go to:  Arthur’s Plant Biology Clipart