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We have only 3 days left before we leave for the East Coast Homeschool Basketball Championships! 

This is how my time this weekend will be spent this weekend.  I can’t believe my list and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things Smile  All I can say is, “A mother’s work is never done.”  But I’m so excited.


This is how Emily gets ready to go to the tournament.  Did I mention she is putting red streaks in her hair with Kool-Aid?  She loves our team!  By the way, the color is permanent, but it’s so cute when she’s finished.

This is where we are going!  We found out that this year, there will be 205 games being played.  Wow!  There are 82 teams coming from 10 different states.  How cool is that?  Check out the website, there will be live updates of games.  Did I mention this is so much fun?  You should come!

2012 Tournament Website