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I have to admit I got really bored the other day and was wanting something creative do.  Emily and I happened to be in Hobby Lobby when I spied plain plastic eggs!  Dangerous place for us to be when we get bored !  We went home and got out all of our paints, covered the kitchen table with a plastic tablecloth and with a little inspiration from Better Homes and Gardens, these are the result.

DSCF2962Cute aren’t they?





There’s a camo egg, a glittery yellow one, a red one dipped in glitter and hand painted ones.

They are really easy to do. Here’s how:

Cover your work area!  Gather all of your craft paints and brushes.   Use the real deal as some paints won’t stick to plastic.  Give at least two coats of a base color and let dry completely.  This step is very important.  Then let your imagination take over!  You will have eggs that will last and can be used year after year.  Have fun!