DSCF2970Today I really began to dig into my flower gardens.  It was a gorgeous 72 degrees and the wind was just right here in North Carolina!  I just couldn’t resist.

I began by working with my flower pots at the front door.  I planted pansies and thought I was done.  Then I spied them!  I think they are Petunias! I’m not sure, so if you can identify them, please do so. My hubby and I dug them up and I planted one in the center of each pot. I just hope the perk back up since I watered them.  We found them hiding behind our holly bushes.  Thank you little birdies!


Then I moved on to my prize container.  This one came out of the barn from my grandparents house.  I love it!  I planted more of the mystery flower in lavender and white along with “Pinks”.  We’re not sure of their exact name either.  They look like giant clovers with pink flowers.  They spread in mounds which can get pretty large if they get plenty of water.  They are also a rhizome, which I love, because you can divide them like crazy!

DSCF2964Next was my huge flower garden in the middle of my driveway.  It was also ready for some lovin’.  I placed the remainder of my stepping stones around the garden.  I’m gonna have the kids get tons of paint and go crazy painting them soon.  I found a ton of leftover seeds from last year and the ones I bought this year.  I’ve realized that it’s really hard for anything to grow in this spot due to the hard packed sand, so I’ve decided to do a ton of containers. The pinks seem to thrive here regardless of the soil!  I planted Gypsophila, Candy Cane Zinnias, Delphiniums and Hollyhocks.  Hummingbird Vine seeds which I had collected from last year were planted in front of the lattice in the middle of the garden and moved around some other plants. 

All in all, it was a very productive day.  Next I’ll be planting the hot pink Creeping Phlox and those really pretty silvery ones with the white flowers. You can see them sitting around the garden just waiting to be planted.  Maybe tomorrow!

I also spied one of my best friends while I was working!  It was a Digger Bee!  I tried to get his picture as he was working on his new home in my garden, but he was camera shy.  Maybe next time!