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I’ve been working really hard in the garden this week trying to get it ready.  Really!  When we originally used a tractor to till up the garden, it was a little wetter underneath than it appeared, and we wound up with gobs and gobs of dirt clods.  If only hubby would’ve listened to me and tilled up two weeks earlier!  Ok, so that probably wouldn’t have made a difference either, but I can tease him about it!  So hubby broke out the tiller after it was good and dry, but our tiller decided to be broken.  Why on earth would it do that just when we needed it?  Anyway, my uncle brought his monster tiller over and fixed it right up.DSCF3301

Then I took a wide rake and made my paths and marked off the six areas. DSCF3299 You can kinda see the paths in the picture.  I stayed up till 9:30pm one evening trying to beat the rain to get it all planted.  The only thing not planted are the pumpkin seeds and some lettuce that I need to transfer.  But the whole time I was planting my hubby and his brother were shaking their heads and telling me this garden plan won’t work.  We’ll see!  Doesn’t look like much now, but wait a couple of weeks!  Plants will be popping out of the ground like crazy!

My father-in-law sees my vision, I think, or just took pity on me, but he bought us the wooden posts and new fencing.  Yeah!  He and I both decided it was too much effort to take a fence down every year to just put it back up again a few months later.  So voila!  We are getting a more permanent fence!  Hubby dropped the posts in the corners and didn’t complain a bit, he just smiled.

Today he and I got up and put up the fence, well…half of it anyway.  Shhh!  Don’t tell my father-in-law but he didn’t buy enough 3ft high fencing.  I tugged, Todd hammered and we got it done.  It was fun!  The funniest part was when my favorite jeans decided to rip as I was tugging the fence into submission!  City farmers have to be tough and be willing to sacrifice.  I’ll cry over my jeans later.DSCF3307

Tomorrow we are going to use some old 8ft privacy fencing to make our gate.  You heard me!  I’m getting a gate!!!!  With a handle and a latch!  Can you tell I’m a little excited?  I asked hubby twice if he had the saw battery charging.  That’s it for today.  Now time to clean the house!