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I did it!  I think?  I have never been able to find a planner that fit me.  They are either way too big and heavy or so small I can’t write in them.  I needed something that fits with my life.  I don’t want to carry around one for a professional business person, but maybe on day I will! 

I don’t want to carry around my shopping list, etc.  I need something lightweight.  I just wanted to be able to write down games, events and blogging ideas.  I have to plan board meetings, birthday parties, baby showers, graduation, etc.  I don’t want all the mommy tips either.

I couldn’t find one, so I made one!  My Favorite Planner  I plan on printing it on cover sheet paper, which is stronger than copy paper and lighter than card stock.  I set it up so that I write the dates in so I can begin my planner at any time.  Each month is a different color which makes it easier to use.  Each week is a two page spread (landscaped). One side is where you write your weekly to-do’s or events and the other side is for blog post ideas or things you want/need to do for your blog that day.  It also had a D for draft and P for published so you can check off your progress.

Make sure your printer is set to landscape and that it automatically fits the page and you may also have to set it to bleed or borderless if you want the colors to go to the edge of the paper.  I’m sure I’ll make adjustments as I use it, but for now I like it!