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I’d like to introduce my first guest poster, The Queen of Carrots.  I’m so excited that she is going to let me run one of her awesome posts!  She is an attorney and homeschool mom that hails from Washington.  Which leads to where I met her, on The Homeschool Lounge, where you can see her original posts and the comments that followed.  Great place to check out if you homeschool!

She blogs about life, homeschooling and carrots.  Did I mention she loves carrots?  Please make sure to check out her blog it’s really cool! Her posts are funny, and sometimes thought provoking that make you take a minute or two to think.  I really like that in a blogger.

That’s what I liked about the her post.  No matter your feelings on dating or courting for teens/young adults, you should weigh your thoughts carefully before being the one to determine your child’s future spouse.  It could be wonderful or it could seriously backfire and it’s best to get advice from those who have already been through it before deciding on which way you will go for your child.

The Queen of Carrots shares about her personal experience with courting in her post::

Why We Courted, But Our Children Won’t

Courting is the “new” thing again and is really popular with Christian parents.   But is it all that it’s cracked up to be?  We’ve all read about why our teens and young adults should court, but what about the flip side?  I’m not for dating just anyone that tickles your fancy and she isn’t either, but is there more to it?  I’ll share my thoughts in a later post. so stay tuned in.  Here is an excerpt from her post…

My husband and I both grew up in the more conservative branch of the homeschooling world. When I was twelve, my parents came home from a conference and said, “Just so you know, you’ll never be allowed to date.” I wasn’t much interested in such things at the time, so it was fine with me. As I grew older, I read all the books and resources and pamphlets on courtship and was perfectly convinced that this was the best way to go about getting married, the way that honored God and would lead to the best marriages.

Looking back now, I can see many valuable and true ideas that drove the courtship movement, ones that I still value…

Later this afternoon, I’ll be sharing her full post, stay tuned and please be sure to leave your comments here and don’t forget to go to her blog at The Queen of Carrots.