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540505_3663485301325_1100511418_3445722_841888991_nMy daughter, Becca, is going to graduate!  She will be my first and she’s been homeschooled since practically birth.  There’s so much to do and decide that I thought I’d better make a list. 

  • Group graduation, friends or just her:  Group graduation is out as we didn’t rejoin our homeschool group this year.  So, we may do it with some of her friends or have a party just for her.
  • Ceremony or no ceremony?  That is a question!  She isn’t really big on tons of attention, (although I really want a ceremony) so if we do anything it will be informal and very short, but special, even if it’s only 30 seconds. It’s her graduation after all.  But, everyone needs to be in the spotlight occasionally.
  • Speaker:  I would love for her former youth pastor to say a few words and maybe even her dad and me.  She’ll hate it, be embarrassed and all that jazz, but this is our one time to really recognize her.  So, I’m not sure.
  • Music:  Yes and tons of it!  Pumping really loud!  Must make ITunes playlist!
  • Food:  See my Pinterest for ideas.  Brother-in-law might be making barbeque.  Yummy!  A cake and anything else she wants.  After all, I’m the caterer.
  • Decorations:  I’m thinking black and white with splashes of red.  Again see my Pinterest for ideas.  Need to borrow a tent or two for shade!
  • Invitation:  Got to get cracking on designing these!  I never do anything the easy way.  Somehow I’ve got to borrow a cap and gown for one of the pics to go on the invitations.  I’m thinking two or three pictures of her and a black and white swirled background. 
  • Date:  Got to get that one figured out between all her other graduation invites and parties.  Geez this girl is popular!
  • Time:  I’m thinking in the late afternoon to evening.  It’s already getting hot here in the South.  Volleyball under the stars anyone?
  • Diploma:  Need to order!
  • Transcript:  I don’t even want to go there!
  • Guest List:  Must make her sit still for 5 minutes!
  • Location:  More than likely our house if it’s just her.
  • Outfits:  Of course she needs something to wear.  Casual of course for her and I want to fit in a Maxi dress but that’s another story.
  • Camera:  My camera broke at her last softball game of her highschool career.  So, I must get it fixed or hire a photographer and I’m broke so that ain’t happening.
  • Outside:  Weed eater must be fixed.  Picnic table must be finished.  Flower beds finished and weeded.  Garden weeded because it’s right where the party is.  Back porch cleaned off; you get the picture.
  • Kitchen:  Must finish painting and the new sub floor must be down.
  • So, much to do!
  • Graduation present!  What in the world do I give this girl?  I’m not telling!  She’ll find out if I post it here!
  • Not to mention we still have to finish school! 

Is this crazy or what?  You’d think we were having a wedding.  I just forgot we have to put in the volleyball court.  Emily wants it for her birthday, but we thought it would be cool to have for the party.  So, what am I doing sitting here typing?  I’ve got to get busy!