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I need this!  Yes, I do!  It’s been a couple of years since I’ve gotten to go to NCHE’s full conference and book fair.  I’ve only gotten to go to the All-Star/Conference games and the college fair for the past two years.  We had a blast at those watching friends playing ball and talking to college reps.  But I need a little more this year and I think it’s starting to show.

How does it show?  Because I’m having a hard time focusing on school this year.  It could be because the past two years have brought many dramatic changes for our family:  my mom’s death, my daughter being diagnosed with a disease, rough patches in my marriage, sports galore, and now a daughter graduating. 

These in and of themselves are enough to distract anyone.  But, I feel burnout coming on and that’s not a good thing for a homeschooler.  I need to refocus.  That’s where the conference comes in.  Being immersed in the culture and lifeblood of curriculum and speakers.  I need to hear those speakers!

You know the ones that can inspire and whip you back into shape and make you look forward to the next year of homeschooling?  The ones that tell you about their curriculum and you get to ask them questions.  The books that I get to thumb through.  The smell of new products!  It’s a shoppers paradise!

Like I said, I’m not burned out yet, and I don’t want to either.  That’s why you should go to a homeschool conference.  To keep the burnout away.  No matter how long you’ve been homeschooling, you still need to recharge.

Hopefully this year, I’ll get to be a blogger at the conference. It sounds like so much fun!  Shopping, attending classes, talking to vendors and authors and blogging the whole way.  I just want to shout, “Pick me!  Pick me!”  Maybe I’ll get to see some of you there!

Are you going to a conference near you?