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Today in honor of the video below, I thought I’d share some of Martha Stewart’s laundry folding techniques or maybe it’s because I’m staring at a mound of laundry that needs to be folded.  Even my font is Fluffy Slacks!  I guess I have laundry on my mind.  Haha!  These would also be great viewing for a home economics class.  Happy folding!

This video popped up on my Facebook today and I just had to share it!  I guess part of me always assumed everyone knew how to fold a t-shirt.  How many ways can you fold a t-shirt anyway?  More than I thought!  This has got to be one of the most unique ways I’ve ever seen.  Just watch and let me know what you think Smile

I will say I never knew the proper/easiest way to fold a fitted sheet.  I hated it!  I could never get one to fold right until I watched this a few years ago on her show.  It always wound up being a large lump.  Now it all makes sense!

How to fold a button-up shirt so you’re closet looks amazing!  It makes me think of a really cool men’s department at the store.  Voila!  Now you too can fold like a pro!  I guess that means I need to tackle my laundry.  Bummer….