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All of you know how much I love homeschool sports (especially the Stallions)!  Well, today’s All-Conference games didn’t disappoint.  We had so much fun!  These are a must to check out next year, if you didn’t today.  I just wish they had internet so I could have kept everyone up to the moment on Twitter about the score and all the excitement.

These games are a great way to showcase our athletes.  Not only are they exciting to watch, but they are a great way to get noticed by colleges.  They are also a great way for dads that are leery of homeschooling to get a taste of what it’s like.  Sports are a big deal to a lot of dads, and this is the best way that I know of to show them that this ain’t rec. ball!  We have hard core sports and hard core athletes that are just as competitive as any school!

Another fab thing is all of the fun hanging out that the athletes and kids get to do.  My kids took off with their friends and I hardly saw them until the end of the last buzzer and the lights on the scoreboard went off.  That’s the best!  Knowing the friendships my kids have made with other homeschooled kids from all over the state and beyond. 

Today’s Scores:

Volleyball: Eastern side of the state won

Girls Basketball:  Western side of the state won 83 to 41

Boys Basketball:  Western side of the state won 72 to 58

3 Point Contest:  Stephanie Brantley (Forsyth)  Go Stephanie!

Slam Dunk:  Randy Jackson (Stallions)  Go Randy!