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Ok, time to move on and try something else.  The Lemon Flea Spray didn’t work.  My pets did smell good though.  But there’s a good possibility that I didn’t do it often enough.  I couldn’t find anywhere saying how often you are supposed to use it.  So that’s more than likely where I went wrong.  My poor puppy and my kitties are miserable so it’s on to a new trick!

Today I’m going to try the Apple Cider trick.  You’re supposed to add 1 teaspoon of it to your pet’s drinking water every day.  Fleas apparently don’t like the taste of it!  You can also make a spray to use on your pet.  Here’s one of the articles I found with directions for trying this out.  I’ll let you know if it works for us.  Let me know if you try this and it works for your pet!