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I did and it was so and it was good!  A little steamy in two places, a couple of bad words, but still really good.  Even my hubby would sneak peaks between what he was watching, so I was giving updates all during the show.  I love how they caught you up with everyone and it was almost like the show had still been on. 

When the theme song came on and the words DALLAS went across the screen, I got goose bumps.  I was transported back to my old house, sitting beside my mom on the couch watching tv together.  I almost cried; it made me miss my mom so much.  But it was still a good memory.

So far, it looks like TNT has done a really good job.  It’s neat to see so many of the original cast as cast members or making cameos.  Smart move TNT!  Even my oldest daughter thought that was smart because you’ll get the people that originally saw it and all the newbies.  The photography/filming was beautiful and South Fork Ranch is amazing as always.

Am I going to tell you what happened?  I’ll just tease you a little!  Something serious is going on with Bobby Ewing and he’s on marriage #3.  J.R. was in a nursing home, but not for long and he has that famous grin.  Their grown children are at it (they are Ewings of course remember J.R. and Bobby going at it?) but I’m not telling you why.  No one is whom they appear to be, except Bobby Ewing of course! 

There you go! I told you I wasn’t going to give it away!  You can go to the show’s site and watch it. I think they’re going to be showing full episodes in case you miss any. Will I keep watching it?  Yes!