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Rusty-doing-his-Skinny-List-workout.jpgBoy does God have a sense of humor!  He must really think I’m fat or that I really need some workout partners, which always helps and is more fun.  I officially started my Skinny List today.  I started off with a 30 minutes Pilates workout by the Crunch via Netflix along with my puppy Rusty as my workout partner.  Did you see his picture today?  He was so cute!

He was a great partner! While I did Pilates, he wanted me to throw his ball.  Picture me throwing a ball over my head while I worked out.  Then when he laid on the mat to help me with my leg exercises.  He was great motivation?  It was fun anyway and we both got a great workout!

Then later this afternoon as I’m getting ready for supper, my sister called and invited me to a Zumba class.  Zumba?  Me?  What’s funny is, I was just thinking how am I going to keep this up by myself?  I had even just told someone the other day that I missed taking dance classes and maybe when I get skinny and brave, I’ll take one.  God must have heard me.  Duh!  Of course he did!  As soon as she asked, I said yes!  She treated me and it was a treat! 

I loved it!  I thought I would probably die before the end of class, but I didn’t.  I made it through and had a blast with my sister.  So we’re going to keep going together as much as we can.

Then, just as soon as I sat down for supper (which was after everyone else due to Zumba) my hubby asked me to go walking with him for 3 miles. God are you kidding me?  Really?  How could I turn him down?  So I choked down a couple of bites a glass of tea and off we went.  We made it about 2 1/2 miles.  I also found some super-cute shoes in the consignment store window!  And they’re pink!  Anyway, it was a nice walk and if I’m able to stand on my own two feet tomorrow, I’ll be finding out the price and size of those shoes!  So all in all today, not bad and I’m not dead!

Thank you God for my workout partners today.  I was triple blessed!  But if ya’ll don’t hear from me tomorrow, then you know that today wiped me out and I can’t move to get out of bed!  Oh, and don’t touch the pink shoes!  They’re mine!