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We did it!  The graduation party went off without a hitch!  It was everything our daughter wanted and everyone had so much fun.  We got almost everything on the Graduation To-Do list done!  I still can’t believe it!

We had the party right beside our garden and we borrowed two tents from relatives.  Becca picked out some of her awards from our homeschool team, the Stallions, for her Awards Table.  She has her softball jersey, her Senior night Basketball poster, signed balls, etc. This was just some of her favorite accomplishments!DSCF0004 Emily made all the pom-poms and hand painted the banner. Thank you to Pinterest for all the great decorating ideas and thank you to Emily for making such pretty decorations!  DSCF0014

Becca’s bestest friend happens to work for a florist which came in handy for the last minute floral decorations.  I walked along the edge of the woods and found pretty tiny daises in white and lavender.  The lavender ones were such a surprise to find.  We were able to have a touch of my mom at the party with those flowers.  They made the arrangements so special.  The vases are cream soda bottles that Becca loves to drink.  I kept the bottles and used them for vases!  I used mason jars with tea lights which were gorgeous when it turned dusk!DSCF0018

I made a guest register for her to keep with some of her Senior pics and we also had printed out some her pictures for guests to keep.  They have her first name and 2012 on them.DSCF0022

My hubby got the volleyball court done in time and everyone played. It was a blast, especially when it got dark! Everyone got glow sticks and necklaces and played in the dark. It was so cool! 

We also had corn hole and I think some of them even played football. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. Thank you Lord for the perfect weather! Did I mention the music?  It was loud and fun!  Becca and her friend made a playlist and we hooked her iPod up to her amp and played it loud.  It was a party after all!


We had tons of food!  It was so good and everyone has been asking for recipes for Uncle Randy’s barbeque and Poppa’s Confetti Slaw!  See menu below.


We did a cookie bar thanks to Mamaw, Robin and Aunt Kitty; who also made her famous cheese straws! 


I still can’t believe all the food we had! What you can’t see is what’s under the tables in coolers and boxes is more food to refill it all over and over again!


And finally, her cake!  We took a glass vase (from the dollar store) and hot glued it to a black plastic plate.  The vase is filled with red and black beads and there is a red and white polka dot ribbon around the glue.  Her cake was a funfetti cake with Pop Rocks.  You heard me!  Pop Rocks!  Plus about 100 mini cupcakes.


On the Party Menu:

Uncle Randy’s Barbeque with a choice of Champion Cheerwine Barbeque Sauce or Uncle Bobby’s Barbeque Sauce

Grandpoppa’s Confetti Slaw

My Famous Nacho Dip

Aunt Kitty’s Cheese Straws

Cookies of all types by Aunt Kitty, Mamaw and Robin

Fruit by Mamaw:  watermelon, canteloupe, honeydew

Veggie Tray by our garden with Ranch dip

Cake by me

Did I forget anything?  Just that I’m so proud of my Becca for graduating and all of her accomplishments. Congrats!!!!