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2012-presidential-debateThat is something you won’t hear me say too often!  But a thousand thank you’s to Xbox Live!  Why in the world am I thanking a game maker for getting my 16 year old son into politics?

Because they had a really neat thing that if you watched the debates live with your Xbox, answered the survey questions that followed each debate, then you got a special avatar.  Awesome gimmick!  Pretty cheesy, but it got my son to not only watch the debates but he actually got interested in them.  He was yelling at the tv like it was a football game!

He’s been keeping up with what has been going on in the world, especially overseas.  I’m amazed at what he has learned and what he has been trying to get a grasp on so he’s a little knowledgeable about the topics. But don’t picture him glued to the news or doing extensive research online.  He’s heard things when I watch,things he’s read online or from Civics class.  His friends even discuss politics when they’re playing games over Xbox Live!  And we did just watch 2016 Obama’s America.  Not to mention watching Glenn Beck with me when he was still on Fox News!

The pride I felt was tremendous.  I’m a geek at heart and I secretly love politics.  Ok, so it’s really not a secret if you live in my house, but a secret to the outside world. All of my kids are into politics to some degree or another.  It’s more important than ever for teens to have a working knowledge of current events and to know their politicians.  Their futures are at stake.

But to get a 16 year old boy to want to watch a debate, that’s a tough one.  We are even doing Civic and Economics this year so this works perfect.  Thank you, thank you Xbox for doing something that otherwise would have been like pulling teeth with no Novocain.