I think of all my books, this one is by far my favorite!  If I’m allowed to play favorites with my my books.   I can’t shop for books without it!  Whether shopping used book sales, online purchases or homeschool conferences, this is where I plan it all and keep track of it all.  This book is a must when you have to shop for homeschool curriculum.  It’s chocked full of helpful pages for shopping and planning out your curriculum.  It’s also full of information and tips on how to make the most out of a homeschool conference.  Below are just some of the sample pages from the book.  Take a look!   To purchase just click here!

Girlfriends Cover

Want to know what all is covered in the book?  Look no further!

Table of Contents

How do you keep up with all those workshops you want to attend?   When do I fit in lunch?  Plan it all out with this page!My Itenerary

Dying to ask the vendors questions, but you’re afraid you’ll forget the question?  Right those questions and the answers down here!  You’ll never forget again!

Vendor Q & A

Did I order that book online?  Is it cheaper at this vendor or that vendor?  Did I buy it already?  Keep track of purchases here!

Curriculum Worksheet

How much can I spend on books?  How much on lunch?  Did I budget for parking and gas?  You’ll never have to guess, use this page to plan out your conference expenses and you’ll never go over budget again!DBudget Worksheet

Did I remember to pick up that book for my friend?  Keep a list of what your friends are looking for and if they need you to pick something up for them!Girlfriend's Page

Did I reserve the hotel?  Did I confirm the children’s conference?  keep track of all that vital information here!Checklist

I love packing lists!  This one will help you remember everything you need to pack before you go to the conference so you won’t forget a thing!Packing List

This is where make notes of things throughout the year that I’d like to do for next year or if I see something at the book sale or conference that I want to remember to use next year but don’t need this year.Goals for next year

Attending workshops?  Keep track of those notes from classes you attend.  You’ll have them all in one place and you can refer back to them year after year!

Workshop Notes

To read the great reviews this book has gotten or to purchase, just click here!