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After the events of the past few months…it’s been just a few months Mr. Press Secretary not a long time ago…what are you telling your kids?

Our kids are growing very differently than we did.  I grew up wondering if what happened in Red Dawn (the original) would happen but knew it really wouldn’t.  Everything seemed so far away and distant.   I wondered after the movie about a nuclear bomb going off if we would survive and what it would be like. Matter of fact, I had nightmares after that made for TV movie!  But I knew it would never happen.

But now, my kids have grown up with 9/11 (although they were preschoolers when it happened), a terrorist attack with our embassy bombed and our men killed, our country involved in wars, terrorist attacks that we never could have imagined happening right here.  What do you tell them?  How will they view the world when they are our age? 

They have to live right now with the very real presence of evil that we never had to.  They watch it unfold live on TV, Twitter and everywhere around them.  It’s no longer far away and distant, but present.  I know that scripture says we aren’t supposed to live in fear and I don’t, we don’t.  And at the age my kids are now, all teenagers (14, 17, 19) there is no hiding from them what is going on.  They are able to make up their own minds at this point.

But there is something bad going on almost all the time and you don’t want to feel like Chicken Little running around saying, “The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!”  But even though you’re trust is in God and you know that everything is in His hands and that all will be fine, do you ever just feel like you are preparing them for the end?  Just a thought,  I was thinking today.