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Ok, so maybe organizing your church’s drama department isn’t for you or something that you want to do.  That’s ok.  I’m using it as an example of a project;you know that one that you’ve been putting off.  The one that would totally revolutionize your whole life if you would just do it!  So, why do you keep putting it off?  Stop it and just dig in.  With a little planning and some inspiration found on Pinterest or the web, you can do it.  Just take it a little chunk at a time.

So, why my church attic?  Why the drama stuff?  For starters, most of it, costumes, props, flags, makeup, etc. are things that my mom and I made or accumulated over the years of being over costumes and makeup, flags and props. It’s one of my favorite things to do!  It has been organized many times over the years.  So here is the current picture of the space.  Please don’t judge, I haven’t been able to be up there as much I would have liked over the past year and we’ve had a lot of transition going on.


After a few hours of cleaning….IMG_7244


It’s better, but it has a way to go.  But here are the plans.  Emily and I sat down and made out a list of to-do’s and wants and then drew it out. I’m not posting the list, it’s just too long.  Don’t laugh too hard at my sketches!  I am not an artist and nothing is to scale.  Scan0009



I’m sure this makes total sense to no one but me and Emily. But the point I’m making is that if you break an ominous project down into bites, then you can do it.  Pick a place to start.  I highly suggest taking pictures from every angle.  It seems crazy and lame but it helped me out so much.  We started with getting the costumes off the floor and the racks set back up and rearranged some boxes. Then we made a list of what needed to be done. We also listed ideas and things we would like to do if we could.  I also scoured Pinterest for theater storage ideas and found some ideas that would work with a little tweaking.

Then I looked at the pics on the computer in the biggest size possible and from those, I adjusted and added to the list or made changes.  I was also able to sketch out what I’d like to do and where I wanted things.  I may not stick to it, but it gives me a starting point.  Now I just go from here!  I’ll keep you posted on the progress.  Time to grab my tools and get to work!

So, pick a project, maybe not as daunting as ours, but pick one.  You’ll be surprised at how you’re going to feel during the process.  Probably, overwhelmed, excited, frustrated, aggravated, energetic and then when it’s all done, you’ll have this project completed and you’ll be left feeling fabulous and you’ll hopefully have a fabulous new space or project!