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These are just some cool pics that I took the other day from my garden when I was playing around with the macro setting.  You should try it sometime if you haven’t.  You get the coolest pictures! Enjoy!

I was pulling weeds from one of my whiskey barrels and this is what I found. A little squirrel buried his nut, but forgot it and now it’s turned into a tiny tree!


This is a close up of the pecan and you can see the root and the stem growing out of it.  I thought this was so neat.  It’s like one of those pics you see in a science book!  Thank you little squirrel!


This lettuce comes back every year.  It really, really loves the whiskey barrel!


I can’t remember what tiny flower this is, but I was really surprised to see it. I don’t even remember planting it.  It has tiny white bell-shaped blooms. It’s out of focus, but that’s ok.


These are my favorite! Well besides my roses.  I love them and they are so easy to grow and they bloom from spring to frost.  They are called pinks and they are so tiny, but they make beautiful mounds that make you think of fairy homes.  I don’t know why but they do!


More pinks!  They are stretching for the sun!  Aren’t they pretty?IMG_7268

This Luna Moth was sunbathing on my chimney.  It was such a beautiful green and so big!  He just had to have his picture made!IMG_7271

A rose by any other name is still a rose and I love the hot pink and yellow on these.  IMG_7272

Cherries!  The trees are loaded!  I love how they are just starting to turn a little pink.  Won’t be too long and they’ll be deep red.IMG_7286

It has rained so much that we haven’t even been able to plow our garden.  I took this pic to show you what happens when you plant cilantro.  No one told me to plant it in a container.  This started out as one tiny plant last year and look at it now.  It has taken over half my garden!  Salsa anyone?IMG_7287

We are putting up birdhouses on each of the posts around the garden.  My hubby’s idea! Ain’t he sweet?  This is one that Becca did.  It has her favorite verse over their little door. Pretty home for little birds.