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We are on a new adventure called car shopping with a teenager.  It is soooooo much fun!  Really!  Not kidding!  We’ve been sharing for a few years now and it’s time for her own car.  It’s always interesting talking to dealers. 

We had one older gent that wouldn’t even show her a car at a giant Ford dealership and basically told her and us there was no way possible she could ever hope to get a loan.  He literally stood with us in the middle of the car lot and pointed to vehicles but told us every reason why she couldn’t have any of them.  Guess he didn’t want a sell!

Then we went to a local dealer that sells only used cars that’s been around forever and a day in town.  He wanted to only show her the junkiest cars at astronomical prices.  Then proceeded to try to cover up the Carfax information with his hand so my husband couldn’t see it.  We just laughed after we left.  No way are we buying from them!

At the Ben Mynatt dealership is her dream.  A Saturn Vue.  Perfect mileage, perfect size, perfect looks, great gas mileage, and the right price.  The dealer was not pushy at all.  Matter of fact he really stayed out of our way and just answered our questions.  This one is a serious contender.

Then there is today.  The Kia dealership.  I’m partial to Kia’s since I have a Kia van which I love.  They showed her some used vehicles, but then showed us a new Kia Soul that was about the same price per month as their used ones.  So that’s something we never thought of.  Going new instead of used. 

So much to think about and process.  Just praying we found the right one and that everything will work out for her and for us!  But it has been so much fun going shopping with her and watching her look and talk to dealers.  She is so grown up!  Scary and so exciting watching her move to the next phase of her life.  Please pray we find the right vehicle and the right price and that the loan will be smooth and easy.  Thanks!

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