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Today I’m sharing my daughter’s blog post.  We have had a very traumatic 24 hours which I’ll post about at a later time.  It’ just too raw and painful for right now.  So for today, I’m sharing her post.  I hope she doesn’t mind!

It’s too beautiful not to share.  My oldest daughter is now 19 1/2 years old.  She has gone through more than people twice her age will ever go through.  She has grown into an amazing writer and is becoming an amazing woman after God’s heart.  She inspires me daily.  She is not perfect.  She is still a teenager, but at that point where she is a grown woman.  It’s a neat place to be as a parent.

Her blog is called, “Discovering Me” and that’s exactly how she writes. Raw and honest with her heart while she learns about herself and the woman that God wants her to become.  Please stop by and read it.  Then share it with your tweens and teens. Her post is so encouraging and I needed the reminder of what she wrote today.