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This has been a sad week for our little family.  Too many things happened all at once.  It’s been too hard to write and it still is.  But I’m going to try.

First, our sweet, adorable, perfect 2 year old puppy, Rusty woke up on Sunday morning having a seizure.  He had one a month ago and the vet said he was very healthy and not had one since.  He came out of the seizure and seemed fine so we went to church.  Not long after we got home he started seizing again and we rushed him to the emergency room with him seizing the whole way there.  As my son lifted him out of the van, he passed away in his arms.  It was terrible.  The vet rushed out to meet us and there was nothing she could do.  He was gone.  I just screamed and cried and so did the kids.  It has broken us.  I never thought I would feel the way about a dog that I feel for him.  I tried to comfort my kids, but actually they have comforted me.  I am amazed at their strength.

Then after coming home from the vet wasn’t bad enough there was a news report about a murder in our tiny town.  We kinda recognized the man, the murderer, and immediately went to Facebook and the link to the local newspaper to find out what happened.  I knew the name of the victim seemed familiar, but when I saw her picture I just screamed and started crying all over again.  It was a sweet lady that I had known for years, we went to church together when I was a teenager and I even dated a relative of hers and she went to our new church for awhile.  I haven’t seen her in several years but it was a shock.  Her two children, 23 and 17 are now orphans as their father died a few years ago.  We don’t why this happened to her.  All we know is that her ex-boyfriend admitted to it.

Then there have been some other personal issues with my oldest daughter. She’d kill me if I talked about it here. All I will say is that my oldest daughter is an amazing person.  She is kind, sweet and compassionate and wears her heart on her sleeve.  God is using her in amazing ways and if “friends” can’t see that, then I just don’t know what to say.

Then to top it all off, my youngest daughter decided on Sunday night to give herself a concussion!  It’s kinda funny. How in the world did she do that?  She was having fun goofing off and rolled back in her bed and hit her head on her windowsill. Ouch! That was not fun.  But she didn’t tell me until Monday that she did it.  After a few days of still having a headache, I took her to the doctor yesterday where she was told she gave herself a mild concussion and on top of that she has a raging sinus infection.  Wow!  No volleyball for her for at least a week or more.

Thankfully one wonderful thing did happen this week!  Becca has her 1st car!  I’m so glad that God chose this week to bless her with it.  We all needed something happy to happen.  We’ll get through this.  It’s not been easy.  But we’ve felt the prayers and we’re taking it one day at a time.