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I have a project for church that I can’t wait to get start on.  I love doing set design!  I’m such a geek!  But I digress.  I have been given the task of building a wall; an ancient wall. Specifically the one Nehemiah had to repair.  It’s been a couple of years since I’ve done any set design and carving a wall is a new one for me so I decided to practice.  Today I made a miniature version of the wall just to try things out.  I love how it turned out!  Tomorrow I hope to add more to it so I can get the feel for the whole project.  It starts out as a fallen down wall and as the weeks go on we’ll add more to it to look as though the wall is being rebuilt. Cool huh?  I can’t wait!

Here are the pics of what I did today, just in case you’re interested!  Start with foam board from Home Depot.  I guess you could get it at Lowe’s too!1

Mark off where you need your rocks/bricks with pencil and a ruler.  Use a utility knife or a screwdriver in this case to carve where the mortar would go. If you want the bricks perfect use the knife.2

Enlist a helper!  But maybe not this one, he got covered in pink foam!3

Carve the detail of your bricks/rocks.  I made some imperfections on purpose.  Like cracks and broken pieces and the mortar isn’t perfect.  Remember this is an ancient broken wall. I even took my knife and made notches and scratches.4

I mixed a dark grey and crammed it in the mortar and cracks with a stiff brush and then gave it an overall coat.  Make sure to fill the cracks so the pink foam doesn’t show.5

Next I used a regular paint brush and stippled Dark Chocolate Brown all over.  But don’t completely cover the grey, you want some to still show. 6

Time to add the highlights and the lighter color that shows up on rocks/bricks.  Especially when they get broken or cracked.  I stippled American Buttermilk and Bleached Sand using the same brush as the brown.  Just keep going over it with brown and the highlights till you get the look you want.  See how everything starts to pop!7

Last but not least, add your final touches of age.  I used a Celery Green, a mix  of Celery Green and black for a darker shade and even made a lighter shade with cream.  I used the same brush as above to pick up the various greens, be careful to not get too much on the brush, and stipple where I wanted it to look a little more aged.  Like moss has grown on it.  If you get too much paint, just stipple some of the brown back over it.  You really can’t mess it up!8

Time for a close-up!  I can’t get over how real it looks.  Exactly what I was going for. Now I just need to multiply the size by 13’ x 7’!9