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In case you haven’t heard the Disney Channel will be showing a lesbian couple with a child on “Good Luck Charlie” and little Charlie will befriend this child as the parents befriend the moms. It will be the subplot of that episode with the main plot about Teddy’s friend going off to college. According to Disney they are doing this to try to reflect the diversity of its viewers worldwide.  Good thing that when this airs in 2014 it will be the shows last season.  Here is the link to the story on The Blaze. Luckily for me, my children are all teenagers, and know that this is so wrong but even my oldest daughter (19 y.o.) said this is the one show on Disney that she still likes/liked and why do they have to go and ruin it. 

My youngest daughter who’s 15 y.o. has heard that they were also at one time considering doing this on their new hit show “Austin and Ally”.  She was so upset as this is her fave show and even has a Tumblr all about the show.  Anyway try finding a teen/young adult show on TV that isn’t full of sex, language, gay, etc.  Disney is/was the one place where I could let my teens watch and not have to worry about what they were seeing and what they were having crammed down their throat as normal for teens.  Not anymore more.

But for those of you with smaller children, I believe this is the beginning of an uphill battle that’s going to have to be fought with TV shows.  The media wants us and now our children to accept that this is normal for a family to have two moms or two dads, but it is not.  Just look at the new show “The Fosters”, which looked like a great show until the commercial showed two moms.  We have chosen not to watch that show.   Then last night I was watching “Under the Dome” and I swore I could’ve heard a comment about two women being the girl’s moms. Maybe I heard it wrong?

Parents we are going to have to stand up more than ever, our children’s hearts are at stake and how they will be viewing the world.  This is not what the Bible says is acceptable and how can we stand idly by and let it happen?  Why are not more parents screaming at the top of their lungs?  I do not hate gay/lesbian people, let me make that very clear.  But I do believe their actions are a sin, which is what the Bible says it is.  And if that offends you then, too bad.  I’m tired of people and the media being politically correct and so afraid of offending people that they won’t do what is right and good.

They are trying to steal the innocence of our children by showing them this is the norm and that traditional family values are not and this is exactly what Satan would want.  Parents we must let Disney and other shows know how we feel and what we think.  They have no problem making Christianity and homeschooling parents and children look like ignorant hicks.  We need to defend traditional family values not only on the Supreme Court level but at this level also.