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How do I review this movie?  This is a hard one to review because I’m such a girlie girl and this is an Adam Sandler movie so you know it’s going to be stupid funny and total guy humor.  But funny can be good and every once in a while we need a really good laugh and that’s what you’ll get.  First it’s rated PG-13 and it’s for a reason, it’s full of crude and sexual humor and little language and some brief nudity.

The first Grown Ups movie had to grow on me.  I was not a fan when I saw it the first time, but I did warm up to it and now I really like it.  I think it’s kinda charming.  But I’m not so sure about this one yet, It will probably grow on me too, maybe.  My hubby and kids (19, 17 and 15 y.o.) thought it was hysterical and I have to admit it was really funny.  I laughed and laughed all through it and the message about family and enjoying them, even with it’s twists and turns and surprises is nice.

Now here’s what’s in it.  Butt scenes of men, older men like Kevin James, David Spade and the others make cameo appearances.  Thankfully those weren’t shot in close up! And no, Taylor Lautner doesn’t take his shirt off, bummer, but he does play an over-the-top frat boy along with David Henrie (Wizards of Waverly Place) who start a turf war with our older cast.  There’s also Alexander Ludwig (Cato in the The Hunger Games) who plays the crazy newly discovered son of David Spade that makes you wonder if he’s a psycho or a misunderstood teen.  Allie Mischalka (from Disney Channel fame) also makes a cameo as a drunken frat girl at the quarry scene where our beloved older cast meets the younger college age set and two of the sons pretend to be college age, but thankfully they are given alcohol and instead of drinking it, they only pretend.  I must say it was nice to see teens in a movie being offered alcohol and not drinking it.  I was surprised.

The college kids and the cast have a funny turf war that continues through the movie and ends with a crazy 80’s party scene and a turf fight that’s insanely funny.  There is also gay/transgender humor sprinkled throughout the movie. One character who is gay is the male aerobics teacher, David Spade’s girlfriend is said to have a you-know-what, and one of the other characters is in his underwear hitting on the aerobics teacher at the party.

Let’s not forget that Shaq is in this movie and he is fantastic as a cop.  It was worth the money for this movie just to see him being silly.  He even has a few dance moves!

For Twilight fans, I think you’ll recognize some of Taylor Lautner’s moves at the climatic fight scene at the end of the movie! Not to mention that “Cato” from The Hunger Games shows off some of his moves.  There are all kinds of nods to other movies that the younger cast were in.

There’s also the appearance of the Saturday Night Live cast as the male cheerleaders at the car wash.  It was funny, but it was so gross at the same time.  I never want to see men in tight, white, short-shorts washing a car again, especially if they’re washing with their bottoms!  I am scarred for life!

Like I said it’s crude, but funny.  Will I buy it? Probably not.  Will I watch it on TV when it comes out?  Probably yes.  Would I take a 13 year old to it?  Probably not, but it depends on the maturity level.  I like the storyline, Adam Sandler’s family moving back to his home town to be with their friends and having a normal life and finding that things from their childhood still need to be dealt with, like bullies. Their children learning to deal with some of those very same things, bullies, first dates, first jobs, etc.  It was even heartwarming what the bully does in the end and also mending friendships and balancing life and family.  In true Adam Sandler style, he finds a really funny way of making us laugh at our own lives  and raising kids and trying relive our childhoods, but knowing that our childhood is still a part of us and always will be.

I give it StarStarStar 1/2 stars for heartwarming, funny, laugh-out-loud fun, but with crude and sexual humor.