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Here are the first pics of our stage at church that goes with our pastor’s sermon series “Re-building Walls” that my daughter and I and some amazing people at church are building.  It took a lot of work to get the first week up and ready to go, but it was so worth it.  These pics don’t do it any justice! It looks so real if you could see it in person.  The sermon series, which will last 8 to 10 weeks is from Nehemiah when he is sent to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem.  They were completely destroyed.

So, with week 1, we only wanted to show the remnants of what could have been left.  That’s why there isn’t much of a wall, there wasn’t one left to come home to!  Each week we’ll be adding more and more to it.  So exciting!  It feels great to be rebooting the drama ministry and doing set design again!

Week 1~ Only partial walls, a broken goblet, a knocked over pitcher, a dead tree/branch.  There are vines over/around pottery, sticks everywhere and broken bricks (real ones) everywhere. What a mess!Wall week1-1

On the other side of the stage~I know it’s really hard to see, but there are some really cool, twisty branches around the top of the wall that are a mess and hang down in front of and actually going between the two sections.  That is one long section (8’) and a short section (3’) put together.  Then we have more broken bricks and pottery with vines at different levels so that your eye has to scan up and down the stage.  There is even a large pottery bowl on top of the amp in the corner, it’s just really hard to see in the pic.Wall wk1-2

For week two~ We started the beginning of a well with real bricks. It’s only about 3 bricks high for now.  Sorry I didn’t get to take pics!  We straightened some of the “debris” and started a brick wall with real bricks center stage right in front of the pulpit and around the drummer’s area.  I also added some small tiki torch style lights (not lit) and another piece of pottery or two.  This was a subtle week.

Each week, we’ll be changing the set, adding new wall portions, and/or more props or making changes to the existing props.  Some weeks subtle changes will be made, like we did for week two and some weeks drastic changes will be made when we add new wall portions. In the end, the wall will be covering the stage and will end up about 7 feet high! So keep checking back for the changes!

To see how we built this wall: