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I was digging through some old pictures and found some from Hallelujah House 2009.  Wow! The costumes and the tents have been completely redone since then, but it was still pretty cool!  I love designing costumes and sets!

We have a backdrop of the valley (I didn’t paint it, but it’s really pretty in person), a small tent for King Saul which has green and white striped fabric with a burgundy roof.  It’s draped with a green/gold fabric and tassels for a rich kingly look.

2009 David and Goliath Tents

Goliath’s tent is much larger and taller and the fabric is a heavy gray which is really dirty looking to give it that battle worn look.  I think the more we used it and it got dirtier and had some holes in it, the better it looked.  I borrowed my son’s cow skull (yes, it’s real!) and there are animal skins (fake fur) hanging on the ropes that tie the tent down.  We also used tiki torches and built a real fire.  He also has his spear with a real spear tip that I had one of our young men make, leaning on the tent to make it even more menacing.  He also uses it during the skit!  Mean old Goliath!

2009 Logan and Richard

In this pic, David has slayed Goliath!  Yes, that’s a real sword he’s using!  The white things on the ground are marshmallows that the audience throws to help David “slay” Goliath.  We used a lot of smoke to make the scene look really cool.  I completely redesigned Goliath’s costume after this performance, but it was cool anyway.  He is wearing a black tunic with a leather breastplate and waist piece (can’t remember what it’s called at the moment) for his armor.  He is also wearing a black cape and a leather helmet.  David is dressed as your typical shepherd boy with a tunic and a jacket style overlay.  Doing this in late October it gets cold so we try to keep the young in’s warm.  He is also wearing a braided headpiece that is simply made from braiding scraps of fabric together and knotting in the back.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your church drama, I hope this helps!  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask or post.

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