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Girlfriend’s Guide 2 Homeschool Planning 2013-2014.

Girlfriend's Guide 2 Homeschool Planning 2013-2014

My new redesigned homeschool planner is now on sale!  And it’s only $10!  It is so pretty and so simple to use.  Order yours today!  Here is the description!


A pretty and chic homeschool planner for all your homeschool planning needs.  It’s flexibility and adaptability makes this planner amazing and easy to use no matter how many you homeschool or your homeschool style!

  • Tons of how-to information ~ to help you with planning your school year!
  • School Information page~ Record your school name, children and their ages, school verse/motto and testing dates!
  • Calendar Considerations ~ Use this cool planner to jot down class dates, sports dates, days off from school, whatever you need to help you remember important events when planning your school calendar!
  • School Calendar ~ This is where you plan your days off, holidays, teacher workdays, and of course the days you do school!
  • Curriculum ~ Keep track of all that curriculum you are using this year!
  • Subjects & Courses Planner ~ Use this to keep track of your subjects/courses for the year.  Great for any grade but really great for high school credit!
  • Course Projections ~ A planner to keep you on schedule with your books for the school year! Can’t stay on track without it!
  • Classes/Co-ops/Extras ~ Kids taking classes, extracurricular activities?  Keep track of what they’ve done here!
  • Goals for this year ~ A journal to record goals for yourself, your school, your family, individual children for the school year.  Use it as you like!
  • Holiday Ideas ~ Want to remember to do a unit study in November?  A special History Channel show in January?  Maybe a special craft or art project for Christmas?  An essay due in March?  Use this to remember parties, or any thing that is special to the holidays that you want to use for school or home!
  • Attendance ~ Keep track of your children’s attendance with this handy planner!
  • Daily Schedule ~ Plan your child’s school schedule here or yours!  This is made so you can make it as flexible as your homeschool style!
  • Reading List ~ Keep track of all the books your kids have read this year and with start/finish dates!
  • Field Trips ~ Use this planner to plan for future trips for the year or as a record of trips you have taken!
  • Awards & Achievements ~ Did your child make honor roll?  Win the spelling bee?  Receive an art award or a sports award?  Record those here!
  • Ideas of Next Year ~ Jot down all of those ideas for the next school year here!
  • Weekly Planner ~ Plan your week’s school work here!  Do it ahead of time or as you go, it’s up to you!  Includes room for notes, a shopping list, prayer requests, weekend planning and TV/ DVR recordings!  So flexible and easy to use!

This planner is so simple and easy to use and so pretty that you’ll love using it!  It makes planning a breeze and keeping up with your homeschool a cinch!