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Here it is the beginning of a bright, new homeschool year and I’m actually full of excitement for it, for the first time in about three years or so, and guess what has started happening?  My daughter’s breakouts have gotten worse.

She’s been breaking out randomly for about 2 years, but has gotten really bad over the past few months.  We’ve already spent about $700 plus whatever insurance covers to try and figure it out, but no luck so far.  I’m not whining or complaining, it’s a process.  But it looks like we may have to start again.  It’s getting worse.  She had a reprieve of sorts while she was taking daily allergy meds, but as soon as we slacked off due to the concussion this summer, it started back and worse.

I’m so frustrated, as a mom, watching her deal with this.  She breaks out in huge red patches, some of which are warm to the touch.  One night she woke me up at 3am all broken out on her back and she even felt like she had a fever, even though she didn’t.  It took Benadryl and another hour of itching for  it to calm down enough for her and me to get back to sleep.

Today, she is going back on all her allergy meds, hopefully the concussion is all cleared up, so we can at least hopefully get the breakouts to calm down.  Then I’m going to take a deep breath, exhale and pray.  Then it’s back to the drawing board and a very detailed record keeping process to hopefully figure this all out!  It’s all in His hands!