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senior pic idea 2

My daughter Emily gave me an idea for a great blog post series idea!  She loves it when her sister, who is a photographer, uses her as a model for her portfolio.  Well, we were talking the other day and she came up with the idea of using her to do “Senior” pic portrait ideas.  Then I could post them on my blog to give homeschool moms some ideas for Senior pictures.senior pic idea

I love it! I’ll be taking pictures (non-pro photographer here) and Becca (the pro) will be taking pictures.  That way you can see that even a mom can take good pics! 

I will also be using my son’s pictures, since he’s actually a senior and maybe some of Becca’s since she had hers done the other year.  That way you’ll have both boy and girl ideas.  But we’ll be putting together outfits and shooting at all kinds of crazy locations.  For example:  a barn, the zoo, Spencer’s Shops (an old train depot/museum), fields, gardens, old vehicles and and pretty old buildings and doors and hopefully some really creative places.

We’ll talk about how we did the makeup, styled the shoot and hopefully everything you need to know.  We’re even going to do it through the different seasons!  I can’t wait!  I hope you like it!Blog Signature