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Let’s just say I’m a little surprised.  Confused.  And a little overwhelmed.  Yesterday we found out that Emily is allergic to…drumroll please…beef, oats, rye and sesame seeds.  But tested negative to pork, which was what she originally tested positive for with blood work.

I think she and I were just a little surprised about the beef allergy.  Who in the world is allergic to beef?  Apparently a lot of people.  My grandfather would freak!  He grew beef cattle, which I grew up eating.  Best beef ever!  The good new is that she’s not all that crazy about red meat, so for her it’s no big deal.  At least for the moment.  We’ll see what she says when she’s craving a burger! And what do I do about my spaghetti and meatballs?

So needless to say, I’m the day after the appointment and I have more questions than ever.  Does the fact that she’s slightly allergic to oats and rye mean we should try gluten free?  She tested negative for a wheat allergy and that’s good.  Where are all of these crazy things hidden in our food?  Is the beef allergy due to what they are feeding the cattle?  Should we eliminate beef completely forever or eliminate for a few weeks and try organic?

I don’t know.  I do know we are supposed to try an elimination diet for two weeks and then slowly reintroduce the foods again.  I hope this works!  I’m trying to not feel so overwhelmed as I try and figure out our menu for this week and next.  Why is it when someone says, don’t eat this or that, your brain freezes and a fog comes over you while trying to plan a menu? I mean there are tons of foods out there, right? Focus!  Surely I can figure out two weeks worth of food, right? Maybe!  Here’s hoping!  All I know is that if this works, and two years worth of hives, itching and pain go away, it will all be worth it!Blog Signature