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I finally got to be able to make some new pretty flowers for my mom.  It’s been raining so much, it’s finally dry enough that I don’t mind putting some new ones out.  I wanted to do something with the new burlap trend that is everywhere!  It’s so pretty and honestly it reminds me of my grandparents’ farm where my mom and us kids grew up. 

I’ll try my best to do a step by step:  All of my flowers and burlap ribbon I purchased at Hobby Lobby.  Separate flowers by color and style.  Use wire/floral cutters and separate each from the main stem into individual stems.  The only flowers I didn’t separate were the deep purple mum clusters because I really liked how they looked already.  Heat up your glue gun!IMG_0718


Foam should be the actual Styrofoam, the floral foam doesn’t work good outside.  Cut to a size or purchase if you can find it, a size of 12” x 5”.  Press it down on your saddle and wire with floral wire the foam to the saddle for extra stability.

Now to work on the flowers!  I cut these flowers pretty short, the stems were probably around 4 to 5 inches long after I cut them.  I started with the deep purple flowers in the center.  I used 3 big cluster stems of them.  They are gorgeous! On each side I added these creamy beige-grey flowers that were like small mums but you can’t really see them in the picture. Then I added some orange and yellow flowers and then some sparkly leaves.IMG_0721

Next I added some burgundy-purple mums on each side and some more leaves that had big berries and tiny twigs attached.IMG_0722

After this, I just filled in the rest of the empty space with more leaves.  I honestly just used 3 deep purple mum clusters, one giant bunch of sparkly leaves and one bunch of mixed yellow, orange and burgundy flower mix.  All of that made the headstone flowers and two urn flowers.  That is all it took!  Once you get some flowers in where you like them, hot glue them in the foam.  I usually also push the greenery on the flowers and the leaves almost to the tops of the stems to make them fuller.  Don’t be afraid to take stems apart and attach to cut off stems to make new stems.

Lastly, I hot glued the burlap ribbon around the foam.  Then made a loop that was about 6 inches long and another ribbon that was about 12 inches long and wired them together in their centers to make the ribbon.  I wired the ribbon to a cut off stem and secured with hot glue and inserted it in the foam.  This is the finished piece! So pretty!IMG_0723

IMG_0725Next are the side vases.  I separated some of the flowers as I made the above piece to use for these.  I pushed all the leaves near the tops of the stems so they would be really full looking and wired them very tightly together just at the base of the flowers in a bunch.  These really need to be inserted into a vase foam piece to give them some weight in the urns so the wind doesn’t blow them away.

This is what the flowers look like when finished.  They are so pretty and they really stand out without being flashy and I really love how the orange and the purple came together and the burlap ribbon is beautiful.  The glitter on the leaves catch the sun.  I know my mom would love them!IMG_0726

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