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I wanted to decorate for Halloween but I didn’t want to do the creepy scary Halloween stuff.  I wanted something pretty, but with a little creepy to it!  I also love Once Upon A Time and started playing around with the idea of combining the two.  After all Once is a little dark and mysterious!

I think I may have spent all of $10 on the whole project and it turned out so pretty.  My family even likes it and I was able to fit most of the characters into my design.  Can you spot them?  Everything represents someone!IMG_0803

So, how did I do it?  Easy!  The black frame was a mirror of my daughter’s that had been broken, but for some reason we kept. I just printed out the sign to put in it! The old books are children’s books that I’ve collected and had forever, they’re actually stories that they’ve used in the show.IMG_0804

The twigs are from my yard and I just gave them a coating of a matte/flat white spray paint.IMG_0809IMG_0807

The pumpkins, aren’t they cute?  Why pumpkins?  You’ll have to figure it out!  These are from the Dollar Store.  I painted one black with red glitter lettering and the other one I covered with glue and poured a ton of glitter over it.  Then covered it was another layer of glue to secure the glitter.  Now Cinderella gets a sparkly carriage!IMG_0808

The apple is from Hobby Lobby and so is the dark red rose.  The bunting was made from hot gluing black edging to a printed burlap ribbon that I had left over from my new tablecloth.  Pics of that coming as soon as I can get it finished!IMG_0810

I think the bottles might be my favorite things.  Believe it or not, these are Starbuck’s drink bottles that my daughter gets.  She saves the bottles for me.  I printed the labels and stuck them on with scrapbook glue tabs.  The blue one is a very glittery soft blue craft paint that I poured in and around to get the inside covered and then placed upside down to dry and let the extra paint run out.  I did the same with the copper one.  For the black and gold one, we did a glue/water mixture, poured it in like the paint, and poured glitter in a tried to get a good coat.  I like that it turned out not perfect.  Once it’s good and dry, then you can add the black paint.  IMG_0811

Have you guessed who each item represents yet?IMG_0812

Here you go!


Belle~Book and the rose

Snow White~White Twigs (From when she lived in the forest and because she is white as snow.) The apple, The magic mirror (frame)

The Evil Queen/Regina~The white twigs (lots of twigs and white/black in the mayor’s office), the apple (poisoned of course) even the black pumpkin because she is dark inside, the magic mirror (frame)

Rumpelstiltskin/The Dark One/Beast/Mr. Gold~The black potion bottle, the black pumpkin

Alice in Wonderland~Alice in Wonderland book and the Drink Me bottle

Dwarfs and Giants~The bottle of magic beans

Tinkerbelle and Blue Fairy~The fairy dust bottle

Emma Swann/Savior~Glittery Pumpkin and the bunting because it’s royal as is she

Henry~The bunting because he and Emma tie all of them together

Robin Hood~Robin Hood book

Hook and Pan~Black pumpkin

Other fairy tale characters~Fairy tale book