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IMG_0814Yesterday I saw my first wooly worm of the fall season.  My dad’s been seeing them like crazy, but this is my first one.  I thought I’d bring it inside and see what my critters think about it.  Also, they’re pretty good at predicting weather and judging by this one, I’m a little confused.  Maybe he hasn’t made his mind up yet either!  Either way, he’s just a fuzzy ball of cuteness!

If you’d like to teach your kids about wooly worms, click here.  You could talk about weather predictions, superstitions or ancients ways of predicting weather, why it’s important. You could do this with preschool up to high school just adjust the assignment. Highschoolers could get really detailed with the science and history of it.IMG_0817

Twilight wasn’t really sure about it at first.  He’s a such a scaredy cat!IMG_0821But then he went in for a closer look and so did the wooly worm!  Totally freaked out the kitty!IMG_0822

Baylee was thought she made a new friend and was very disappointed when I took the little wooly worm back outside.  I think the wooly worm was disappointed too, it was really windy and cool outside and very warm inside.IMG_0825

Take some and do a nature walk, find a wooly worm and learn all about weather prediction!Blog Signature