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I’ve gone through another dry spell of blogging.  I’ve been adjusting to having a baby around the house since I’m now babysitting my one year old niece.  OMG!  She’s a cutie pie!  I’ve also been trying really hard to focus on homeschooling, but my daughter’s disease just won’t leave us alone.

We took her completely off all beef, since she tested positive for an allergy to it, hoping that would end her breakouts.  After a month of no burgers, she is still breaking out.  So, I’m allowing her to eat red meat again.  It’s not making things worse, matter of fact, it’s just the same.

We’re in an endless cycle of allergy meds making her really sleepy and very difficult to focus on school. But if she’s not on them, then she’s breaking out, which interferes with her sleep and school, regardless of whether she’s had beef or not.  So after I almost had a mommy breakdown, I picked up the phone and called Duke Children’s Hospital to talk to her doctor.  She hasn’t been in 2 1/2 years, since her diagnosis was handed over to her pediatrician.

Well, they want to see her! On January 29th, 2014!  Ok, that’s not so bad.  I took a deep breath and just said thank you Lord, that could have been much later.  Then I asked to leave a message with her doctor’s secretary to see if the could tell me a suggestion about what to do till we get to the appointment.  I told them about what was going on, and offered to send in test results, labs,etc. I must have sounded desperate or something.  I guess I am at this point! Well, I got a phone call almost 30 minutes later.  “I’m calling to offer you an earlier appointment.”  I almost wept on the phone.  We are now going November 5th!  Praise the Lord! 

Here we are, back at the starting point looking for answers and hopeful we will get them.Blog Signature