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No not the basketball game!  But I have to give it up for the home team, even though I’m really a Tarheel fan!  I’m counting down till Tuesday, the day my daughter is going back to Duke Children’s Hospital and yes, I’m just a little excited.  You probably think I’m crazy to be excited about going to a children’s hospital but if you’ve had the year we’ve had, you be excited too.

I’m not expecting to walk in on Tuesday and get the answer to our all of our problems, or should I say our daughter’s medical problems, but I know that God blessed us with a soon appointment for a reason.  Our appointment was originally in January, but after the doctor heard what we were going through they moved it up!  Do you know how hard it is just to get an appointment within six months?  Anyway, I’m just really excited and so is her family and friends.  So please keep us and her in your prayers!Blog-Signature_thumb.png