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birthday cake

So today is all about Spencer’s 18th birthday and this is his birthday cake, which he helped to make.  It turned out beautiful! Ok, before you turn your nose up at the fact that I used a box mix, please know that me and my girls have all been sick for the past week and who cares?  They are so good!

We just used a Betty Crocker Devils Food Cake mix and milk chocolate icing (2 containers).  We added milk chocolate chips to the dry mix and stirred them to get them coated with the mix really good before adding the wet ingredients. Then we iced the cake and put lots of icing on the top. Yum!  Then poured on the chocolate chips and put it in the refrigerator for a bit to firm things up.  It was wonderful and it was my son’s idea!  He loved it!

My kids have been helping me make their birthday cakes since they were tiny and some years they’ve even made their own.  It’s a wonderful tradition and precious memories that they will always have about their birthdays. Blog Signature