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It was warm and sunny outside during lunch so I felt like heating up the grill.  I’m so glad that I did!  This sandwich was so good!  My daughter called it a salad on amazing bread and it so is!  You should try it!


Ciabatta bread

Chicken breasts (mine were really thick so I butterfly cut them)

Zesty Italian dressing



Provolone-Mozzarella sliced cheese


Fire up your grill!  Coat chicken with the dressing.  You could marinate this if you like, but I just poured it on while it was grilling.  Once chicken reaches 165 degrees with a  meat thermometer top with cheese and allow it melt.  While it’s melting, slice bread and place on grill with the inside down on the grill.  Once bread is at desired toastiness, remove it and the chicken.  Top with mayonnaise, fresh spinach and a little more dressing if you desire.  It’s amazing and simple and healthy!  Enjoy!Blog Signature