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IMG_7200Friday is gone and now it’s Monday.  Back to work!  Wait, back to homeschool!  What’s the difference? A lot and then again not so much.  There’s a few things I learned from working in the corporate world that I’ve transferred over to homeschooling and it makes my life so much easier.

Did you read, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”? I did, matter of fact it was required at our office.  Everything we did was evaluated to see if there was a more efficient way of doing things and be better organized.  The biggie for our boss was that every day we ended with our desks cleaned off and organized.  By Friday, things were expected to filed, put away and spotless even if we weren’t finished.  It has stuck with me till this day and it really does help. Here’s how I try to apply to my homeschool week.

1st thing:  On Monday morning, I clean my desk off if there’s anything left over from the week before or the weekend.  You heard me.  I clean my desk.  Not a deep cleaning, just clear it off and wipe off last week’s grime if it needs it.  It gives me a fresh start to the week.  This is not the time to go through that stack of paperwork that’s knee deep.  Just a couple of minutes to make it look clean.  It makes your mind think, “Hey! That’s nice!  My desk is clean and it’s a new week!”  It’s like an instant de-stress before you ever get started and you’ll feel a little more organized.  And who doesn’t like a pretty desk or kitchen table?

2nd thing: I pull out my notebook with my To-Do list.  Take a few minutes and look over what I still need to do and jot down any new items.  I keep that where I can be reminded throughout the day.  Don’t forget to check off what you’ve accomplished throughout each day!

3rd thing:  Homeschool Planner!  Take it out and give it a look over. Glance over the week and review today.  Do this every day.  It will helps me stay on target.  Write down notes I thought about over the weekend and make any last minute changes.

4th thing:  Don’t forget to look over the calendar for appointments, practices, games, co-ops, etc. for the day and week.  Make any adjustments now.  Schedule doctor appointments, or anything else now or during lunch or when ever you can grab a minute!  After this step I’m ready for work (homeschool).  While the kids are grabbing their things, I check email, Facebook, etc. and then we’re all ready to start. 

5th thing:  On Friday, my last day of work, (ahem!) school, I clean off my desk again, unless I have a ton of work to do over the weekend.  I sort out everything.  A stack for unfinished projects like grading papers, a stack of things that need to be filed liked graded papers, bills, things to be mailed off.  Everything doesn’t have to be finished, just sorted and put neatly in a place.  That way the next time I come in to work, pay bills, homeschool on Monday, everything is ready to go. 

Remember! If you do any work over the weekend, then make sure to clean it up.  I have to remind myself all the time.  I hate walking in to start school on a Monday and my desk is a crazy mess, I just feel all over the place!  But starting out clean helps!  What do you do to help you start your week off?Blog Signature