Today is a crazy busy day which is going to turn into a crazy busy two weeks!  I’m already late on putting up our Christmas decorations, so that is on the top of the list for today.  Must take care of my own family before anything else!  After that, I’m going to fly to church to start working on our set for our youth Christmas play.  I’m making Whoville trees!  I’m so excited and they are so pretty!  Here’s a pic of what they will hopefully look like when I’m done.

Then it’s back home to make supper, I’m thinking Barbeque Meatballs which are super quick and always yummy with warm sticky rice (yes, I love sticky, buttery rice) and a side of something.  Not so sure of the side yet, the day is young.  After supper, it’s time to rush off with to my son Spencer’s basketball game.  This is going to be the next two weeks as we get ready for our Christmas play.  It’s going to be crazy, but I am so not stressed.  This is a first!

Oh! And I can’t forget that on top of that, I’m a homeschool mom.  So, school will be done!  Probably at church while I’m cutting out trees, but it will be done!  The things we moms and ministry workers do!