DSCF3306So here I am, I’m dealing with a repeat performance of my sore throat/cold.  It’s back for it’s second encore!  But even though I’m not feeling that great and all I want to do is sleep, I just can’t sit here.  So, I’m using this time to work on planning my garden for next year.

Don’t worry, I’m getting plenty of rest and sleep.  I have to feel better for tomorrow because we travel to Asheville for my son’s basketball game and it’s a biggie!  In the meantime, I’m trying to decide what we’ll grow, where it will go in the garden.  Do I paint the fence this year?  What about the garden gate?

Decisions, decisions… I am going to try to really journal this year and I’m trying to decide which way I want to go with it.  I’ve downloaded two apps, one is a free trial and one I paid about $1 for.  They are Gardenate and Garden Tender for my Kindle Fire.  Have any of you used one?  Is there one you like better?  I’m also looking at online planners and software.

Then there’s the garden notebook.  Some of them are so beautiful.  I love the ones where they did the water color paintings of the plants in their gardens.  I’m not that talented, but I can take a picture!  What do you think?  Tell me what you use to keep us with your garden and all the gardening chores?

Want to check out the app?  Just click on the pic!

Gardenate App

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