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snow cream collage 1

Today we are enjoying a snow day in North Carolina.  We don’t get those very often so even though we homeschool, I let my kids enjoy the day because it might be the only snow we get this year!  One of the best things about getting snow is making snow cream.  Today the kids decided to have some fun with it and make it colored.  Emily went for yellow, yes I know, you’re supposed to avoid yellow snow.  But, I promise it’s food coloring otherwise that would be really gross!  Becca went for blue, which kinda reminds me of a smurf and Spencer went for orange.  We told him his looks like baby food carrots!  Why do plain when you can add color?  If you’ve never made snow cream, it’s super simple. 

All you need is: clean snow, vanilla flavoring, milk, sugar, food coloring is optional but super fun!

Making snow cream makes you smile a lot!


You have to work fast because the snow will melt quickly.  Add about a teaspoon of vanilla, and start with about 1/4 cup of sugar per bowl.  Add just enough milk to make it creamy.  Taste and adjust to how sweet you’d like it.  And then add food coloring!


This is why all Southerners run to the store for milk when the weatherman announces snow!  We don’t want to miss out on making snow cream!IMG_2262

Happy Snow Day!!!