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I can’t believe it’s time for another Senior Night Senior QuestionnaireRecognition.  This time it’s my sweet son Spencer’s senior night for basketball.  Time goes by way too fast!  I’ve help organize several of these and this year, me and another senior mom are in charge.  As I was making my checklist and starting to get things ready, I thought I’d make a checklist for anyone that happens to be put in charge of one of these events.

Senior Recognition night is usually pretty simple, the end of season banquet is where it’s a little more complicated.  It’s pretty straight forward, pick a game night, usually the last game or a game at the end of the season that you know you will most likely win.  Get some biography info from the seniors and recognize them during the game.  If the girls and boys teams are playing, I suggest doing the recognition between games.  Then you basically have the parents and players line up together and the MC announces each player and they take center court with their parents.  It’s that simple.Senior Night Checklist

You can decorate the gym, have a cake for the teams, or even get cheerleaders involved.  It’s up to you!  We usually have balloon bouquets that are about 6 ft tall on the court where the players and their parents stand after moving from center court.  Our families typically make really cool posters for the seniors to decorate the gym.    But it does take a little organization and that’s where a checklist can help.  Here’s the one that I made, feel free to use it!  Senior Night Checklist and if you need an example of a Senior Night Questionnaire Stallion Senior Night Questionnaire.
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